Ayurveda with Vandana Baranwal

Welcome to your journey of healing and wellbeing!

We will work together to create your unique wellness plan through personal and compassionate consultation!

WITH MORE THAN 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, NOW, IT IS MY HONOR TO help you cross the bridge to all your goals and an amazing new reality. 

I listen with patience and guide with compassion.

I bring my knowledge and training from most renowned and respected teachers to assess thoroughly and analyze deeply.

Holistic healing is about the practitioner-client bond. We work together for results.

Empower yourself  with the knowledge and make informed decisions.

Honor your emotional and intellectual health. Connect with your own higher self.

Ayurveda consultation- $180 
Ayurveda’s holistic approach takes into account physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 90 minutes consultation involves a deeper understanding of your unique Ayurvedic mind body, lifestyle, food as well as stress and anxiety in your life. 
You also get your personalized Dosha balancing Ayurvedic recommendations and guide to the path of balance and harmony.
Ayurveda consultation for Women Health-$200
I specialize in women wellness through Ayurveda.
Learn through the lens of Ayurveda all about menarche, menstruation, menopause, infertility, hormonal balance, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroid uterus and pregnancy care from prenatal, Natal to  postnatal care.
Consult me to know how you can create a life of optimal wellness and joy. Nourish and nurture the beautiful feminine you. 

Follow up consultation- $100

Follow ups are highly recommended to review your plan, progress and challenges. 

45 minute follow ups are scheduled anytime after 2-3 weeks. 

*Ayurveda is not a licensed medicine program in the USA. Vaidya Vandana Baranwal is not a licensed medical practitioner or a medical doctor in the United States of America.

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